Akwaba Cultural Exchange
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The Akwaba Cultural Exchange is a cultural organization that provides a forum for cultural activities and interaction through Educational Programs, Workshops, and Artistic Events.  Akwaba’s exceptional teaching staff offers a variety of classes conducted to train students in the traditional African arts drawn fro, the wide diversity of West African cultural, spiritual and historical life.

The goal of The Akwaba Cultural Exchange is to provide the means and the initiative for people of all ages to participate in and make culture an integral part of their lives.  The broad definition which includes African dance, drum circle program, poetry, music, the promotion of African Fashion, and a boundless range of community traditions and customs.

The Akwaba Cultural Exchange has the ambition in developing various programs:  an educational program to offer classes in the artistic disciplines, a gallery for the display of original African artwork and handicrafts, a team to work in conjonction with African Painters and Artisans, a recreational program for children and specail events coordinating committee which organizes the annual events sponsored by….local, national and international artists, art exhibits, panel discussions on culture, fashion contests, and more! -Initiating the “African Culture, Music and Dance Festival which celebrates the richness of Africa though lecture-demonstration, exposition and presentation of African cuisine, fabrics, visual arts and music events.

The objective of The Akwaba Cultural Exchange

 The Akwaba Cultural Exchange projected programs consist in this sense of the promotion of knowledge of traditional African dance and ryththms, and their origins as a way to enhance people’s awareness of African culture and history as well to promote a sense of identiy and origin for North American of African descents and Canadians.

In addition, The Akwaba Cultural Exchange has a special dedication for school children for the venue of an educational program called “Awakening and Initiation”.

The implementation of this structure and the organization of the various artistic and cultural activities must be perceived as a space of cultural exchanges, the bringing together of the peoples, therefore an educational factor.

The Akwaba Cultural Exchange has also the love to:

·        Make Canada and Africa the continents of art and culture.

·        Teach and train men and women devoted to the cause of African art and culture.

·        Develop the relationship between Canada and Africa through our various activities in the program.

And arouse a reflection over various arts and create a permanent dialogue between the African men of arts and their Canadian counterparts.

The Akwaba Cultural Exchange is a platform:

·        Where Africa and the world meet.

·        African space of exchange

·        And bringing African traditions alive and understanding Africa.

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